Tuesday, August 9, 2011

half a world away

I have lost track of time.

By my rough calculations, I was in flight for something around 20 hours.  I slept for some of it, but I couldn't tell you for how long.  I spent a day prior in Los Angeles, which broke up the overall flight time, but further threw my time out of balance.  I had a brief layover to change flights in Tokyo, but was there long enough only to acknowledge that I was in Tokyo.  

I arrived in Singapore, cleared customs, and paid $50 for a cab ride to my hotel.  It probably only cost $30, but all I had was $50 bills.  Plus the cab driver told me that he waited 2.5 hours to pick me up- and that the taxi line to pick up arriving passengers at the airport was usually 3 miles long.  
The cabbie also knew these facts about the US:  we were in debt and never going to pay it off, Obama was our president, and no matter what the US was still better off than when Bush was president (thus earning his tip in my book).

1am and I've checked into the hotel.  I'm glad just to finally be standing. 

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