Sunday, August 21, 2011

weird dreams

I'm having odd dreams here.  Usually I forget them pretty quickly upon waking up.

Tonight's dream took place at the Conan O'Brien show.  I'm backstage, and for some reason it's clearly a small club.  The band Hanson is on stage, and they're playing a cover of Matt Pond PA's "Magic Boyfriend".  They're playing quite well, and I think I'm mighty impressed with how these Hanson kids have grown up.  One of them is on guitar, one is singing, and the tall one is playing electric violin.  
Then Ashley Olsen (it's not Mary Kate, though I can't tell the difference between them in real life, so I have no idea how I knew it was Ashley) comes out on stage.  She's in a silver evening gown, and begins to play upright bass.  The crowd is into it- everybody's impressed with the band, and you can tell it's one of those moments where Ashley Olsen has gone from tabloid celebrity to Genuinely Awesome Person.  
The song is really grooving, and Ashley stands on the side of the upright bass and keeps playing.  I'm pretty sure I saw the bass player from the Rev. Horton Heat do this once.  Only he wasn't in a silver evening gown.  And Ashley is, and this is when her top starts to fall down.  With cameras still rolling, it's the start of a wardrobe malfunction.  She smiles and finishes this part of the song, then scampers off stage.  Strangely, the crowd doesn't seem to care for the most part.  I'm backstage, and now I'm standing next to two members of the band James- clearly I'm on the show because I've come with them.  While the band is finishing their song, we decide to give them an instrument as a gift for playing so well.  I run down the hall, and here I run into a nobody who informs me that they just saw a coworker from TMP (Maureen, for those of you who know her) leave the show, covering her kids eyes as she went.  Not angry, just in an 'Uh Oh! Wardrobe disaster, time to leave' way.  I decide I'm going to ask out Ashley Olsen when I'm presenting her and Hanson with a gift instrument from James, and this is when I wake up.

Weird.  I need to go download Mmmbop when I get back to the US.

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